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Study of Brazil’s iGaming Market Shows Women Love to Gamble Online

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Posted on: August 14, 2023, 07:05h. 

Last updated on: August 14, 2023, 07:05h.

Several studies over the years have shown that female participation in gambling and sports betting is on the rise. It's been a slow climb in most regions, but Brazil is raising the bar, with a new showing significantly more gambling in the country compared to other areas.

Brazilians gather and display a Brazilian flag during the presidential inauguration ceremony in Brasilia on New Year's Day 2023
Brazilians gather and display a Brazilian flag during the presidential inauguration ceremony in Brasilia on New Year's Day 2023. The country's is almost split 50/50 between women and men. (Image: Getty Images)

A study published by ENV Media that females in Brazil represent 49% of the players present in the online casino segment in the country. It's a safe conclusion that the growth of the industry is, therefore, due to the increased interest of both women and men, not just men.

The survey concluded that 49% of online casino users in Brazil are women. This number in surveys of previous years, like a similar one from 2019, did not reach 30%, which represents extremely large growth in a short time.

iGaming Attracting Brazilian Females

In another survey from 2021, female participation was increasingly present on the Internet in general. A Game Brazil Survey from that year showed that women comprised 51.5% of the people who played electronic sports (eSports) in the country.

Another survey, led by online betting operator and casino KTO, showed that the preference of women in online casinos are crash games, games that require players to place bets on an outcome that can go up or down in a few seconds. The goal is to cash out before the outcome plummets, or crashes.

About 80% of bettors that responded to that survey said they had played this type of game at some point. Roulette was popular, as well, accounting for 27% of the online gaming activity of women in the country.

The new ENV study also explored gamblers' ages, with the average of both male and female players 39. The most prolific age group is the 25-40 group, although 57% of the total participation was under 49. The second-largest age group was 41-56, accounting for 28% of the total.

The research concluded that the average domestic player is “[likely] to be under 34 years old [and] increasingly female.” They prefer online lotteries and sports betting, although online slots and table games are gaining ground.

Uncovering Consumer Mechanics

The ENV study didn't just focus on gender and age participation in online casinos; it took a look at the entire ecosystem to uncover what makes incentivizes people to online. Some of the findings are precisely what most of the iGaming space has been saying for years, but which regulators and many lawmakers around the world have failed to understand.

Inevitably, the primary driving force behind individuals' affinity for engaging in iGaming is the accessibility of expendable cash, accounting for 48% of the survey's respondents. Meanwhile, the allure and enjoyment derived from the games claim a significant influence, amounting to 40%, taking precedence if financial limitations are not a concern.

31% of those surveyed admitted that the quality of an online game is the third most significant driving force behind their activity. Recommendations from friends or relatives make a difference in the selection, as well, but only 24% stated that whether a platform was regulated was a consideration.

The accessibility of games and the public's perception of the industry play virtually no role in shaping the players' choices. Around 20% of the respondents confessed that these factors bear no significance for them. Consequently, they'll invariably find a way to gamble online, regardless of the legal or regulatory status of the market.

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